Life is simple, it's just not easy.
We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving.
And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Madm Test - Tomorrow

I have Madm test tomorrow.
Madm - Management accounting decision making.

I have nightmare in Management Accounting.
It's complicated for me.
Different questions, different challenges.

Even though our CUTE lecturer - Mr Fong,
he gave us a bit tips about midterm but
it's still make me worry.....

Mr Fong, he was cute lecturer,
he can enjoy himself in class.
We all no response when he keep asking questions,
he answered for us.
Recall back also feels funny... hahahaha

Anyways, appreciate the tips from him^^ hehe
As usual I hoped the questions
would be as we prepared and the luck was with us.

Good luck to me, Good luck to xw^^
God bless us~

Monday, March 07, 2011

I'm tired

I am feeling tired to study,
International finance,
Management accounting decision making....

Oh god,
Can you change me?
I want to be a smart gal...
Then I no need spend too much time on reading slides.
Then I won't feel so tired...

Tired also need to study ar...
GO GO GO......
Fight for last semester...
XW, let's cheers together....
We are future accountant^^ haha

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Oh Sushi at Ipoh

The design of that restaurant such Japan style.
Really feels like having sushi in "Japan" restaurant.
It was a great place for me=)
With great design, yummy sushi,fair price and so on.

First time went there, services over there not bad^^
I think I will go again^^

I Love Japanese foods so much^^
How good if I born in Japan?? haha=)

Tualang seafood Restaurant

Yummy.... Third times I went there=)
Worth to try^^ hehe

FYP - Printing

We are taking around 3 hours to print 3 sets of FYP.
We keep adjusting the margin and spacing while printing.

I saw my friends at printing shop.
So I go talk with them.
They sounds like no welcome me to see their printing material.
What I asked, they sounds like not willing to answer.
Just fine=) Is non of my business...
I should not ask too much~

I met Joni gangs at Cherry house too.
Thanks, Joni...
She asked me about her research objectives,
then I checked back mine one only realize that
my problem statements got mistake.
You are my angle.... haha

Dong and I acted dishonest at Cherry House while printing.
We just left the wrong printed papers at Cherry house to avoid charges.
Actually need to pay money even wrong printing. Haha....

Well, Cherry house printing really cheaper than the Malay shop.
The printing FYP just cost RM 35.40 per set with hard cover at Cherry house.
Heard my friend said that Malay shop charge RM50 per set with hard cover.

After FYP, going to busy for 3 tests and 3 assignment in coming weeks.
Hope that everything will go smoothly.

Friday, March 04, 2011


Week 9 need to submit our final year project.
The level of commitment of group members is low now.
There have problem in chapter 4,
but those who in charge chapter 4 said tired to amend~

xw in charge of the checking overall flow,
She is tired and too busy on her task.
Test is coming soon......
And, We have a lots of assignments to do.

I think I should do something now.
God bless us =)

Hope that our two examiner will cincai mark our FYP. hehe=)
And, All the assignment and test done well=)

Friends with qualities, not quantities

After something happen on me...
I realized that friends no need much, few sincere friends with me then enough.
As long as I have lots in common with them and personalities to get along well.
Sometimes they hurt you without purposely, but it's really hurt.

Anyways, I want friends with qualities, not quantities.
Thank you for those who hurt me before, to let me know your REAL face -- FAKER.

And, thanks for those who told me the truth and let me revealed it. God will bless you.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

VIVA (Final Year Project)

Finally done my FYP^^ ( 24 Feb 2011 )
Well, I was enjoyed the processes with my groupmates which are xui wen, mey kuan, dong dong and shermaine. Haha...

This is the first time we do our research project=)
And, it may be our last time to do research project^^ haha