Life is simple, it's just not easy.
We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving.
And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


地方:IDK2,Kampar UTAR

不是我干的~ 一切实在是过得太快了。。。
哪知道~ “乓”(pang)一声,桌子断了。。
可以不费力地把桌子打断~ 应该很多看到吧~(丢脸)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"碳"世界 steamboat ~

Date: 5 April 2010
Venue: 碳世界steamboat shop(good time),IPOH

Patrick, kai and I went to Ipoh having our dinner^^
Actually we plan to have our dinner at kampar de.
Lastly,we went Ipoh ate steamboat~
This is the fifth time we went 碳世界steamboat~ hahaha....
And,this shop got two types of steamboat style;
first,like normal one(use gas or electronic);
Second,use carbon~
We always tried the carbon style steamboat because it's special and nice.

After we ate,then we had our desert ice cream~
Patrick geng,he had 5 scopes of ice cream~
Ah kai just had a small portion of ice cream~
And,I had 3 scopes of ice cream~
Damn full but Damn nice^^

And,we played some games too~
Then,we paid for our meals around 11pm^^

Although we feel sleepy but we enjoyed there~
Although we feel full but we love it^^
( Happy mood )

We love steamboat~ wakakakakaka

Monday, April 05, 2010

15 hours non-stop crazzzy-ing without sleep

Date: 4 April 2010 - 5 April 2010

Title: 15hours non-stop crazzzy-ing without sleep~

- Kampar old town,
- Gopeng medan Mcd,
- Ipoh Cheong keong dim sum shop,
- westlake's garden

Time: 7pm - 10am

I back to kampar from hometown around 1230pm. And, I reached around 4 something.
Thus, I cleaned my room^^
After that, I went to "DAP" dinner with kai,Patrick,kent and terrence~
Hmm... the dinner not bad~ It's worth to attend^^
We finished our dinner around 11pm.

After dinner, kent and terrence went back home but Patrick,kai and I had second round ( Mcd ). hahaha... we went mcd around 1am and reached there about 1 something^^
We had our supper at mcd. Patrick and Kai ordered filet-o-fish set but I ordered chicken nudget set~ We eating while online(facebook,blog) and viewed the photoes in my laptop together^^ hahahaha...

Actually we want to went back home around 5am but Patrick suggest having breakfast dim sum at ipoh then only go back~ No one objection so we went to search the dim sum together. We dont know where got dim sum eat pun~ We asked the uncles those who prepared to set up their stall at Pasar Pagi ( Ipoh ).

Lastly, We having our dim sum at "cheong keong". We cant finish all the foods we ordered coz we ordered too much~ hahahaha....
Hmm....the taste of dim sum of "cheong keong" shop normal only lolx~
hehehe... Patrick, Kai and I took photoes together at dim sum shop ( damn Paisei ) but we just ignored it~ hahaha...

After breakfast, we went back to kampar's garden which near westlake there for morning walk~ hahahaha...
We took photoes together,
we played together,
We chit-chatz and laugh together,
we sing together.....
And,we played the shadow while took the photoes.
Haha..damn funny=)
I love this crazzzy-ing trip^^ hahahahaha

Damn happy although I no enough sleep^^
It's worth~ Thanks god coz let's us meet up^^
I will appreaciate that~ hehehehehe

Saturday, April 03, 2010

old town

Lolx.. I went to Queensbay's old town for lunch with cindy, Anson, Eilooi and xiaoLi.
After lunch,we went to shopping~
hahahaha....the foods and drinks also not bad~ next time want ask kai and patrick go Ipoh old town eat lol. Maybe more delicious lolx~ hahaha

P/s 1: Laze, sorry la. Actually cindy and I plan to go gurney de. Anson la,he want
to go Queensbay~

P/s 2: Anson,one die better than three die~ hahahaha

Taiping mongo

I backed hometown on thursday by ah chim's car^^
And,we had stopped at taiping's rumah rehat for a moment~
Thus, I saw this mango ( I though it was a papaya ).
The malay gal told me that this is taiping mango.
It was bigger than normal mango.
Ah chim bought one, rm16~ hahahaha....
Next time call laze bring for me~ from his hometown what!! hahaha