Life is simple, it's just not easy.
We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving.
And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally done my last paper^^

Finally clear all the midterm test~ wakakaka....
After test, I went to ipoh with my friends^^
The main purpose we go ipoh is to attend a talk by liu xuan ( liu yong's son )
Thus,we go ipoh more early.
I though can play at ipoh today.
Who know, want to play bowling but full booking~
Wanna sing K but no enough people coz some dont want join
Haiz haiz haiz....
cant force one time lolx.. haha
So I went to starbucks having a cup of green tea blended with Khai and Melvin~
After starbucks, we went to attend the talk~
Aiya~ We sit too far la because we late lolx..
The talk okay okay only lolx. Maybe we sit too far and cant fully concentrate~
The talk finished around 10pm~ Then, we went to having our supper near Ipoh parade there.
After supper,we back kampar^^

~ feel a bit disappointed coz no bowling and no karaoke today~
~ but, since I had drink a cup of starbucks green tea blended then okay la~

( Attendee: Wuang ching(me), Khai, xui wen, maykuan, mayling, jun wei, jerry, chen de, charles, tian ming and QiQi )

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The last test^^

Tomorrow is the last test(coursework) for this semester- Audit Practices.
Dont know tomorrow able to answer the paper ma?
Hope that tomorrow will come out what I read and What I know la.
Haiz lol..feel sad also useless right now.
I also need to keep studying for my lecture slides,
I also need to keep reading for my lecture notes,

Tired Tired Tired la~

after test,then can hang out with friends already~ Yuppy^^


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My birthday ( Part 3 )

Thanks ya...
Ah kai, Patrick, chen de and Jun wei..
thanks for the birthday cake ya^^
Bought from Ipoh right?? hahaha....
Actually a simple cake also can make me feel touch and happy liao....
I love you all much much^^
Nice to meet you all at kampar^^
Friendship forever^^

My birthday ( Part 2 )

Laze, Legend fouw, yishen and cindy...
we are the best brothers forever^^
Love you all much much~ hahaha...
When I saw you all outside my house, I feel touch and excited^^
Thanks....I had a great birthday~
And, I enjoyed the time we chit chatz at lake there~
You all my best friends, best brothers forever^^
Muaack Muack Muackk.......

My birthday full of touch, sweet, happy and suprise^^

~ Let cheers for our 100plus gang....^^
Our friendship will never go to the end ^^

My birthday ( Part 1 )

Stacy, jesus, kuan yew, mei chen, phaik ji, yyiing, xui wen, mayling, may kuan, teck hong and joshua~
Thanks for helping me celebrated my birthday~
And, you all gave me big suprise la^^
feel touch la~
Love you all much much~ hahaha....
I though no one will celebrate with me at night~ coz all busy for assignment.
But,they gave me a suprise. They celebrate with me at around 1230am~
Thanks for everyone who celebrate my birthday^^
Unforgotten memory in my life~ hahahahaha....
My birthday full of touch,suprise and happy^^
It was great birthday for me~ hehehe
~ Friendship forever ~

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you,aunty Kam^^

Thank you,aunty kam^^
I really feel happy,touch and suprise when you knocked my door then take a birthday gift for me just now^^
Thanks for your wish and gift~ Love you so much ( touching )
And,thanks for your caring for this few months.
You always take care of us~ like our ai ya-mother^^
I feel lucky coz meet you at kampar and be your neighbour~
I love your gift^^
I will keep it ever~

Performance Management's Assignment


week 10 lol~

Time passed too fast la....
Now already week 10.
Damn busy after week 6 ( new year week ), test and assignment every week after week 6. But,after this week then no more test and assignment. wakakaka...
This week got one test and one assignment lolx... haiz....
Performance Management assignment due date on this friday~
Audit test on this saturday morning~
After this saturday, then can temporary no stress for test and assignment. hahahaha...
hmm... I plan to go back penang on week 11 lolx...
Already one month plus didnt go back my hometown lol. My mum and dad miss me so much lei.. hahahaha....

Anyways, I need to cheers for my coming test and assignment.
Go !! GO !! Go!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ipoh--- Sungkai---- Ipoh

Date: 13 Mac 2010
Members: Wuangching,Patrick,Khai,tom Phang,Jerry

Hahaha...We depart kampar around 1130am,one car~
Actually planned to go around 930am but I over slept~
We took our lunch,Asam laksa at Ipoh^^
taste not bad,but the portion too big for me~
After lunch,we went to Ipoh porrige~
We planned to sing karaoke over there and Watch movie de but cancelled~
No much choice for movie=(
After that,we went to Ipoh Jusco jalan-jalan~
And,we leave Jusco around 4 something and set off to "Sungkai Hot Spring"...
Damn nice~ I love that place^^
And,we went to Ipoh again for our dinner- steamboat~ paiseh with the driver,Khai~
I think he very tired with driving for whole day trip. hahaha
After steamboat,we backed kampar^^
Damn tired~ but it's worth^^

Monday, March 01, 2010


Long time no blog-ing already.
Damn busy for this two weeks.
Midterm + Assignment + events + performance...
It make me not enough sleep.
Finally,I done my QT and Business finance midterm one last week.
Tomorrow got Audit Practise midterm,I got no time and energy to study anymore.
The events "金虎腾跃 贺新春“晚宴~ held on 01 March 2010,tonight~
And,I have a performance tonight^^
After tonight,no more event organise!!! I SWEAR..................