Life is simple, it's just not easy.
We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving.
And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

Thursday, January 28, 2010





Monday, January 25, 2010


Actually I want go to bed early today because I have class at tommorrow 8am.
I cant fall sleep.
When I lie on the bed then dont know why I am keep thinking about my grandma.
I miss my dear grandma^^
I am at kampar now and she was sick. Thus,I am worrying about her.
I plan to go back home this friday,wish to see my grandma happy face and healthy body.
I hope that she can recover as soon as possible^^
God bless^^

Grandma,I love you^^

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Turning over the new leaf" event

This event organised by UTAR Chinese Language Society.
And the coming tuesday is the end of this event.
We sell 2 honey madarine and lucky bamboo for this event and we provide FREE delivery services also^^
Hmm...I am very enjoy in this event but it make me very tired....
And,this is the second time I organise event with the committees.
This event make me more close with them and I know them more well than before^^
They all nice people!! If Ah teng also join this event then good la. She busy with her blood donation event so she quit this event=(
Hope that I can organise event with her next time.

Next event: Chinese New Year Event (dinner party for whole kampar residents)



Jesus and I went to tesco with motor yesterday nite.
We bought a lots of things,about rm100.
After we pay the money only we realise that we bought too many things and it's hard for us to carry back home with MOTOR.
Hahahaha... damn funny^^
Luckily we can bring back finally^^

UTAR Carpark

It's no enough parking place for UTAR students.
Yesterday Morning,we (Mc,PJ,Dawn,Jesus,YY,SW,KY and I) rush to attend the class and no parking place so we simply park our cars,and the guard stop us. Damn fuuny^^
At first,the guard shout and we keep running. Then the guard shout " hoi,hoi,kamu tak mahu edar kereta kamu,saya akan kunci!! you lari la,nanti tak boleh balik!!" So we got no choice,mei chen and kuan yew go move the car lol... Paiseh nia^^hahahaha.....


Finally I choose QT 2 !!
Hope that I can handle well in this subject la.....

God bless^^

Monday, January 18, 2010


Management Principles VS Quantitative Studies II

Which subject I should choose for this semester?
Management Pcinciples 100% theory,Quantitatives Studies II is a calculation subject!!
I got nightmare for calculation!!!!
Stress la!!! Shu wei,Mei chen,Phaik Ji,Yyiing,abuba they all choose to take QT II,Jesus in considering. Haiz....Should I follow them? Or else I just take MP this semester because still got kuan yew accompany me ma!!
If really take QT II then I sure very stress one. And,I always in over stress condition de. God ar god!! Can YOU tell me what should I do???
Can you please tell me in the dream tonight?? Thanks^^

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today,I am back to Kampar. Tommorrow is the first day of the new semester ( Year 2 Semester 3 ). Wow...damn fast!!! Well,I have 3 events for this semester^^
Its may make me more busy for this semester. hahaha.... I love events,I love activities! hahahaha..

New semester,I hope that I can handle well for all subjects and those lecturer who teaching me are Qualities lecturer. wakakakaka....

And,I also dont know why?? I miss team 100 plus so much for this few days. I love the time when I spend with them^^
They all busy for exam for this two weeks. Wish them luck and god bless them^^

Susan's Wedding

Date:16 JAN 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

my Holiday^^

Aiyah!! Long time no blog already^^
hmm...My last post was on 22 November,already 1 month++ no blogging.
well, 3 weeks++ holiday after my y2s2 final exam.
21 december 09,my UTAR holiday start.
22 december 09,attended my brother "Kelvin Low" 21st b'day at citibox,
23 december 09,meet joshua and wai loon at penang with Jesus^^,
24 december 09,stay at home with family members ( BBQ ),
25 december 09,Penang One day trip with Biry,su ying and Yong Qi^^
26 december 09,X'mas Party which organised by St.Bosco Youth Club,
28 december 09,gathering with my NS's sisters
29 december 09,gathering with ex-Tarc gang(Laze,cindy,Fouw,Anson,Tortise,Cherry,ylooi,willy,Juliet,Alfred(Fish),Khai ling)
30 december 09,Movie(sherlocks Homels) with Cindy,Tortise,Ivan,Ming loong,Cherry,Ylooi at Gurney.After that,went to mcd study together^^.
31 december 09,Work at Queensbay mall with melvin,kido,jesus and ampor for count down concert. Oh no,I am duty at VIP area,many super stars there. Such as,power station and Tank. ( one station )

1 Jan 2010 morning,Plan to go KL de but got something happen so Cancelled!!
1 Jan 2010 night,attended Yen sin 21st birthday at citibox^^
2 Jan 2010,celebrate See ming birthday with Valdor's brothers^^
3 Jan 2010,went KL with see ming. Then went GreenBox celebrate See Ming 21st b'day.
4 Jan 2010,meet Felicia and went dinner with her and jason with YC,Alson and Hoe.
5 Jan 2010,went Sg wang jalan-jalan and Went movie with Alson and daniel(Bodyguard).
6 Jan 2010,meet my 3rd sister at One Utama,KL.
7 Jan 2010,damn boring at my 3rd sister's house=(
8 Jan 2010,see ming bring me went dinner at Shabu-Shabu^^ damn nice!!
9 Jan 2010,went back to penang^^
11 Jan 2010,went movie with my sister^^
12 Jan 2010,went KL with Wei sin to settle his hostel stuff.
13 Jan 2010,went penang meet laze them.Went movie with Jesus(the Alvin)

today 14 Jan 2010,3 days left for my holiday!!
My Tarc friends have exam on the day after tomorrow^^
wish them good luck and God bless them^^
Jia you^^