Life is simple, it's just not easy.
We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving.
And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009



Miss is the feeling but cant touch.

I miss my Penang TARC's life.

Especially the time I spended for SWC.

We had illegal beach party after orientation week with student leaders and freshier, and do some culture crazy action, that's keep throwing the peoples into the sea for the whole nite.

#I still remember this year de beach party, I know got peoples plan to throw me into the sea and I lie all the student leaders, committee and freshier that "Mrs Ng" is coming. Then, they all stop throw peoples into the sea. hahahaha.....but finally I get caught,they know I lie them. LAZE la....I told him lol. I though he can help me secret. Lol.....paiseh to hory and cindy that time coz they also kena...actually not their idea..hahaha...we run like siao kia...hahaha..damn funny...but that's unforgetable worth...hehehe

And, we all Siao together when organized event.                                                                           Orientation week, odyssey nite, x'mas event, charity food fair.........

When organized an event, got some commitees misunderstanding/beh siok each other but finally still can be friend. 

I miss SWC's gang~

I miss 100 plus's members ( Laze, cindy, Yc, Hory, Wen khang, Legend fouw, tortise )               I miss the time we spend together.........

How good if Penang TARC's SWC can move to UTAR,kampar??? hahahaha

New semester =(

How to create study mood?

This semester is short semester so only have 7 weeks.

Now, week 2 already!!

LOL...Time past too fast la~

Feel like learn nothing then left 5 more weeks to go.


I not so clear about what the lecturer teach?Maybe he talk to fast~

My tutor not so clear about the marketing and he teach us what he know only.

My tutor don't know marketing at all and he attend lecture together with us.

IT Management,

It's easy for lecture 1 and 2.

But,this week lecture ( Lecture 3 and 4 ), I not so clear.

I feel worry.

So I want to study hard but no mood.

I tried and tried to study.

But, cant understand at all.

I feel scare.

# I need someone advice!!! I need a way!!! haiz

Monday, October 26, 2009

UTAR coming event

3 days 2 nites Camp,

organized by UTAR Chinese Language Society

Date: 6th November (4pm) to 8th November  (1pm)

Venue: Kompleks Rakan Muda, Daerah Kampar.

Fees: Rm50 ( member), Rm55 ( non-member ) 

( include accommodation, T-shirt,3 days foods and drinks and ++  )


     #our programs include

     - Tresure Hunt, Station games, Campfire, workshop, Group connection and 

        others.....join it ASAP~you can meet friends there~hahahhaa.......

# we have a booth at canteen from 10am to 4pm.

Happy birthday to cindy~

Happy birthday to you, Cindy~

stay pretty and healthy ya~Love you^^



Quite long time I did'nt update my blog liao lol....Damn busy....

well, I had busy for part time works for my 3 weeks holiday~

1st job,

I work as  "XOX" sim pack sales girl/promoter with my gang

( PJ,MC,Dawn,YC,ST, Laze )

work here and work there and keep asking people "heard xox before?"  

and telling people:

 "now we have promotion for xox simpack"  

 "you pay me rm30 today then you can get rm47 top up and limited t-shirt"

 " xox call rate cheaper and line very sui one lol"

1st time work as simpack promoter/sales girl...tired but quite siok de lol...salary quite high~hahaha.....

2nd job

Paris Miki

at gurney, 7 days roadshow~

I work as spectacles, sunglasses promotor for PARIS MIKI~

I go work alone and don't know anyone~

but luckily they quite friendly and we be friend after 30 minutes.

we sucess to hit the target...but no commission one la...

saja siok siok nia~hahahaha....

he is micheal,paris miki staff, an indian guy~he is a funny guy!!

he is Linvie,my partner for 7 days roadshow~he is nice but hamsap thinking~

And, Our manager was a japanese, he is very funny and politely....

3rd job

Camera roadshow at Kulim,

lol.....with melvin and Kido...they quite nice de lol....

we enjoy the roadshow as well....

I learn a lots of things/knowledges about camera~

4rd job

Be a good daughter at home~hahaha......

#For me, It was a quite meaningful holidays~hahahaha....It was very tired but I enjoyed~ And, I earn about rm1000 for this 3 weeks holiday~wakakakaka................finally, I sicked~maybe too tired to rush here and rush there for part time job~

Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy birthday to Phaik Ji~

Phaik Ji,

Happy birthday to you~

After XOX part time jobs, we never meet up liao lei.

Anyways, I still remember your birthday ma~hahahaha...

~Wish you stay cute and pretty la...

~Wish you Ju lai Ju hiao la....

~Wish you all the best in your study la...

~Wish you sweet sweet in your Love la....

Still remember last year we celebrated your birthday together at redbox

so fast, one year past.... Miss the time we spended together in Penang~

wish you


Monday, October 05, 2009


I joined a camp with Wai Kiat on 2 octorber till 4 octorber.

we go Melaka for 2 days and KL for 1 day.

First day morning and noon a bit boring for me. 

But I love the first day nite,We go "eye on Malaysia" at Melaka.


Second day morning is boring for me. But I love the talk at noon.

Especially the speaker-Mr.Damon.

He was a good speaker, I like his sharing and motivation.

He also a good motivator. He influenced me~hahahaha.......

He said : " Life is not about what you get, its about what you give."

             "You do everything you believe."

               "Emotion create by motion."

               "BluePrint: determine when we should happy,be sad,be grateful,be angry....."

Your blueprint makes you angry and sad always! CHANGE IT!!!!

           " what really makes you grow and be stronger is the one that give you PAIN."

I learn a lots from him........

Second day noon, We go Red House, Jonker's street, Muzeum Sejarah Malaka.

Third day, We went Wisma MCA,Kuala Lumpur attended "chong Guan da hui" ( talk ).

One of the speaker was an indian guys, but he know hokkien.

He was very funny and cute.

I love that speaker,he was nice and his story was touched my heart.

I enjoy this trip. 

P/s: Thank you, wai kiat, coz willing accompany me go this camp. hehe....