Life is simple, it's just not easy.
We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving.
And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Teen Idol- Alan Oh enter Finalist !!!

Date: 27 June 2009
Venue: Gurney Plaza

We support....
No.9 Alan Oh~
Age 20, Tarc student~
Nick name: Duck Duck Oh
He performance singing.

Khang Sheng , Khang sheng girlfriend , Boon Hean and I go support Alan Oh~
We shout we shout we shout until our voice gone~
Nevermind, He is our best friend ma...worth la~hahaha
He represent our Penang TARC somemore..hahaha
Final held on 2nd of August~
we may go support him gua...hahaha...
Alan Oh, add oil for your talent performance la~
Feel proud be your friend..teen idol finalist wor~
siao meh?? Laze friend somemore....Laze is my idol lei...hahaha

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kelvin Guan

I am sorry because put you aeroplane~
hahahaha......I know you will understand de~
Love you all the time ya, Friend~

Take care~

Convocation ceremony TARC- Penang Campus

Date:27 June 2009
Time: 8am to 123opm
Venue: College auditorioum,TARC
wow...1300 peoples was going to graduate~hahahahah....
Finally, Convocation time~
My family members ( Papa, Ringo sister, Ringo sister in-law and Ah hong hong )
attend mt convocation. They bought me flower and a little bear.
thank you,and love you all.... I promise I will study hard at Kampar Utar.
Besides, I feel touch when i received the graduate bear and sunflower from sbs student leader, Ah lam, Laze and Mrs Ng...
Thank you so much~I love you all~

Take care all my friends~~~~

Friday, June 26, 2009

sharing~ my super best friends de true love stories

" When cherry fall on the earth"

One day, Tar college was organized a big event ( orientation week ). A hero of orientation week who name L, he fall in love with the girl at the first sight he saw her. Then like this like this and like that like that, the hero get the girl hp number. They start sms.... He forward, she reply..She forward, He reply....One month passed, the hero fall in love with the girl...

L look different after one month.
He change a lot.
He done all the assignment before enter the class.
He look more hardworking now.
He busy for his study.
He bring his homework go mcd when we having our supper at mcd.
He totally change a lot.

~my god !! Not " L change the world"...
Is "when cherry fall on the earth, L change a lot"... hahahaha

They meet on 26 May, together on 26 June~wow...sweet sweet love lol...
then marry on 26 July?
you know la..This thing always hard to predict de ma...hahahaha

L: Laze
C: Cherry

" When niu ge meet niu mei"

One day, niu ge and niu mei meet at garden. They played with their friends.
After that go supper. After supper, all go back home sleep. The time when niu mei want to sleep de time.
Niu ge ask niu mei: Pat tor lol...
Niu mei answer: ok lol.

Then they start pat tor..
They together on 16 June~sweet lol...hahahaha
Dont know when they get marry hor? 16 july? 16 august??
hard to predict lol...hahahaha

niu ge: see fouw
niu mei: Cindy

"wish this 2 pairs of couple happy and sweet sweet always la.." hahahaha

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Redbox- with a white belon

Date: 22 june 2009
Time: 830pm-3am
members: Laze, Wuang ching, doraemon, Alan oh, wei li, kuang Liang, Boon Hean, yaya, yaya friend

We went to redbox after meeting... hahaha...
Laze, I'm sorry because you got assignment to do then i still force you go. But I know that you wont get angry at me de. We are brother ma..hahaha...
RM 21 include buffer. We ate a lot, especially wei li. He keep eating while we all singging. Laze leave early because of his assignment.

The rock time start..we start feel high then we sing we high~damn siok~
hahaha...all like jogging in the room...hahahahahaha....Boon Hean leave because late ad~

The game time start...we join the game competition which organized by REDBOX. Then Alan Oh represent our room 61 to fight other groups. We lose~ but nevermind~ loser is the mother of success. hahahaha...

Alan Oh, after chatting with you...I feel that you are same line with me~Super Siao Siao de friend~hahaha~Add oil for your "xiao hua xiao chao" audition ya~You sure get in finalist de~Alan oh wor,siao meh?Dont worry about talent la, you are talented~hahaha...find one day we come out siao again~call mai that siao kia LAZE and wei li them again~hahaha

Boon Hean, Your voice not bad ya~you are talented~ talent in drama, singging....and other performance~work hard for the coming event ya~OO nite..

Yaya, your voice not bad too~soft~nice voice~hehe... next time we go together again la~

Kuang liang, doraemon and wei li, enough siao~all can sing can dance~wow...want teach me poping and rocking???hahaha....after mix up with all...feel not bad~same line~all siao~hahaha...I miss the time we play at Foyer~siao....we play again when we meet again ya~hahaha

About 3 something, we left~When we on the way go car park~my god~We saw something~my god!!!!
I dont know how to descibe my feeling~siao~ " a belon" move....arh~~~ All scare!!!
but I feel very funny when i recall back...hahahaha...

I love redbox...I love all the siao siao friends~~Next time we go again ya~hahaaha

This coming Friday+Saturday~

Gonna to see my TAR college friends soon...
Miss them so so so much.... LOL
Dont know what is action when see each other on friday?
shout?? hug?? or just normal?

kelvin Guan, Long time no see you ad nei..I miss your kuai lan face nei..haha...

See Fouw, when you come back Penang??? Miss you noob face nei...hahaha...Sick?? cindy miss you liao la...faster faster come back penang la..LOL

PV3-9-6 noobers, miss you all neh....faster faster come back gather liao la...hahaha...we hang out together~~~muahahahaha.....

Anfoen, I miss you neh~wanna give you a big hug when meet ya~hahaha....LOve You~

My m7 classmates, hey..long time no see liao..our class havent farewell kor neh~LOL...convo time don run ya..we take pictures together ya~for our m7 class picture,ok??

ah ha ah ha
i like it
ah ha ah ha

Saturday, June 20, 2009

kok loong come kampar today neh

Aiya... Kok loong come kampar lol.. He take 6pm bus come kampar then 9pm only reach... After that, we watched "P2" which a scary movie at kampar mamak. Hahaha...I am Sorry, Kok loong because I went back to penang the next morning. I promise I will go KL find you out and gather again. hahaha... Keep in touch ya ~ Do love you all the time. Take care, my friend =>

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I meet my siao siao buddies- PV

13 June 2009- 16 June 2009 ( Saturday - Tuesday )                                                                           

I feel very very happy when i saw them ( Chit , Cheng Hoe, Yeang Chuan, Geik, Wai loon, Alson, Pei Joo, Sheue Yee and victor). Long time no meet already~ and Long time I din kena bully already. hahaha... Yeang Chuan treat me still with the same attitude lol..maybe he looks my face then become moody gua...haiz...Ah chit change a lots lol, now looks more modern jor...Alson body looks very kiat kiat lei...others still look same...hehe..

I always kena bully lol in this few days...and happend a lots of funny things...hahaha...Especially the nite we talked about the kiam pia ( soda biscuit). Long hair Geik looks so excited lei..hahaha... I doubt whether she was a hamsap gaL since she was born...?hahahaha...joke la joke la..LOL...I really miss the time we talked about the theory of Kiam pia until midnite...damn funny..dianamo style somemore...hahaha.....Thus, don look down my siao siao buddies, they had their own talents.. They are Kings and Queens....

-The king of kiam pia: Alson Choong WK

-The king of bully: Ryan Lim YC ( doggie)

-The vice king1 of bully: Iceman Chang CH

-The vice king2 of bully: Teoh WL (Tua Pui)

-The Queen of Hamsap Theory: Long hair Geik

-The Queen of Eat: Cheong  PJ

-The king of Kuai Lan: Cicak Victor

-The Queen of Kuai Lan: Cicak Sheue Yee

Unforgotable 13 dots (hei Qing) that gift by three guys who talented in BULLY...hahaha...Thanks coz keeping bully me...hahahaha....but

YC, please dont slap my legs, that's make my legs feel hot, like kena burn(pain).. 

WL, please dont shake my body, that's make me feel very pening...

CH, please dont help me to show my cuties panties with gather YC or WL to take out my trousers, that's make me feel shy....hahaha...luckily i dont know kung fu, ah boh you all sure kena cham cham...hahahaha

Now I can understand that how stress your's life are.. But luckily you all stay together because can help each other when face problem ma, right??hahaha....Call me or sms me when need my help ya..Sure I will help you if I able to help...hehe

Anyways, good luck and all the best to you all...hahaha...Must Study hard ya but don too stress yah...God will bless you all get good result and Ang kong will popi you all shun shun li li de..

I miss the time we together..Its means to me...I miss you all very much...Do love you all always... Take care ya my buddies...Stay happy and keeping smile always la...Next time i go then must bring me go swimming ya...see you all at convocation time...


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I bought a new bike

09 June 09 , Kampar.

I bought a new bike, price Rm 250, Pink colour bike.
Sponsored by my lovely Grandma.
My pink colour bike named " Flat lady".
Design for cute girL.
Yahoo.... I had my own transport already. So I can go anyway anytime.
Today start, I went to UTAR with my Flat lady.

But I miss my Lakson so much, PAA 7595.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

22 hours Journey with my buddies- Team 100 plus

Team number: Zero
Team Name: Team 100 plus
Time: Friday 1130pm to Saturday 930pm
Date: 5 June 2009 - 6 June 2009
Venue: Penang
Team Members: Laze , Wen Khang , See Fouw , Cindy and Wuang Ching.

I was went back to Penang on Friday night. Then i directly went to Georgetown to meet my buddies- Laze , See fouw and Cindy with wen khang. After I reached, I meet Wen khang at Auto city. Then he fetched me go Penang. We reached Penang about 1130pm...Then we go meet Laze them at garden which near their hostel. When I saw them, I feel very excited.hahaha... Laze bully me again but this time he bully me I feel so happy and excited coz no people bully me at Kampar.

After that, we went to coffee Island to chit-chatz. After that, we went "Nasi Kandar Ali" for supper. Nasi lemak goreng good taste ! Mee goreng also very delicious , I had try before. Then we went back to laze house to overnite. After take bath, we went to the bed. See fouw , Cindy , Laze and I share 2 beds. See fouw and Cindy sleep between Laze and me, they sleep centre. Then Laze and I push them sleep closely. We force them hugs and Kiss. If not, I kacau them. Then they kissed and hugs. They show us "snake" kissing. Oh my funny ~I can sure that they sure got feeling to each other de. Hahaha...

The next morning, We went to Pantai Keracut together at 10am. Actually we plan to go at 9am. After we had our breakfast, we set off. We bought some foods and drinks. happy~Jungle tracking~
About 1 and half hours we
walk. So far~ But we enjoyed. Hahaha....
When we reached there, We took so many photoes.
We plan to play water but got people kena jerry fish so we cancel the plan. Sianz=< style="font-weight: bold;">(心地。可丽诗)
心地(cindy) 心地似这支,
比起可丽诗(xx gal),

then laze create a poem for her "missisipi"...


haha...many poem we create together. After that, we went back to our start point with boat.
RM 11 per person. So happy~Super happy~hahaha....
After that, we went back take bath then we went gurney.
On the way we go gurney, See fouw and Cindy kissed and hugs again at the car. So sweet ar~
We had our dinner at A&W. First time I ate at A&W. That's was delicious. Hahaha...
Actually we plan to have a movie then only go back de but because of me, cancel. I feel very sorry about that. But at least we enjoyed without movie. Hahaha...
After gurney, We went back to laze and see fouw house. We chit-chatz outside their house. Wen khang , laze and see fouw play boxing. hahaha... Wen khang got a lot of pattern... Really a "pattern King" ar...they are boxing there, cindy and I keep laughing. Hahaha...
Happy hours always short, Wen khang and I set off to go back home at 930pm.
Feel sad when say bye bye to laze , See fouw and Cindy.

Nevermind, still can meet up when I come back from Kampar next time.
No sad no sad~
But I will always miss them when I am at Kampar~
Take care,my buddies~

Thursday, June 04, 2009

TESCO , Kampar

Tesco aha aha

i like it aha aha ,

Kampar o a o a 

i like it o a o a............

I love Kampar...

I love Kampar...

I love Kampar...

No Kampar , No Degree.......So, Love it !!!

Training Camp-->Orientation week-->Beach Party-->Kampar Utar

Training Camp for Orientation Week..

-First time organized training charge by Yeang chuan, Hory , Tortise and i...and assist by Laze, See fouw and Wen Khang...68 student leaders distribute to 2 Groups...SBS and SOT....SBS in charge by Yeang Chuan and i...SOT in charge by Hory and Tortise...After the training Camp,the student leaders busy for design the flat and name tags....yeang chuan and i help them do the tags and flats with all the student leaders until midnite 4am++ then go eat supper at Khaleel...Damn tired!! We done everything in one day....hahaha

Orientation Week..

- 5 days orientation...all the committee busy in this 5 days from 730am to 5pm....Busy for Mass call , Orientation kids distribution , telematch , sports , Variety show , treasure hunts and so on....hahaha...Got happy , exicted , sad, misunderstanding happend between the committees....Lastly , i understand one thing..."no matter when or what are we doing , friendship the most important...Do love your fren all time.." 

Anyways , I have fun with the student leaders and committees....

It's may a last activities i join in TARc....I feel so happy coz can join together with Laze , Yeang Chuan, see fouw, Hory , wen Khang , Cindy and Tortise and so on.....Orientation week was meaningful to me because you all...Love you~

Thank you Yeang chuan and SBS student leaders,

5 days orientation, we always together....I feel beh Guan Xi after Orientation week...haha

Remember the time we do the flat and name tags together until midnite?

Remember the time we cheers together ?

Remember the time we work together during the "cheers time" ?

Remember the time we plan the sketch together?

I miss the time we together....

I love you all in all the time...

~Laze , add oil for ur misisipi !!!! hahaha....

   See Fouw , add oil for ur womanizer !!! hahaha...but cindy better la~

   Wen khang , add oil for ur Beijing GirL !!! hahaha...

Beach Party..

Everytime i go beach , sure got someting happend to me....

sianz sianz sianz.....

All the student learders and freshier enjoy that nite...

Kampar , UTAR

kampar...too far...too sianz...too hot....

oh my god...i love penang la~

bye bye to KTAR

bye bye to SWC

bye bye to Gurney

bye bye to Redbox

bye bye to GSC

bye bye to Sunrise Mcd

bye bye to Queensbay

bye bye to MOIS.....

And say  " Hi " to TESCO...

All change to TESCO.........but no choice~2 years,very fast de....''shup...2 years pass...."


Laze and Yeang Chuan , I miss you both no people bully me le.....

Wen khang , I miss you no people tell me the '' cold '' joke le....

See fouw and Cindy, I miss you both no people can suan le...

Wai loon , I miss your sound..when you laugh,very here too too too peace le...

Cheng Hoe , I miss you too...long time no people kuai lan with me le...

Wooi Wooi and Poh yang , long time din chatz with you all le....

Kelvin Guan , kuai lan no people kuai lan with me lei..y u don want kampar?

Hock Shi , no people guard me here lei....